January 13, 2013

Basketball Minus One Front Tooth

Baxter has put away the bat in exchange for a basketball. The Methodist church has an outstanding IMPACT winter youth league complete with non-partisan cheerleaders, fan mail, coaching, and a positive atmosphere. The final scores are inching their way toward double digits. Bax scored some goals and got some rebounds. And he been having a blast. Check out these shots from yesterday's game.

An eventful week with the second Saturday of competition. This capped off a week, the highlight of which was a visit from the tooth fairy. Inflation has touch the economics of teethery. The market rate for a tooth these days is $5, up from a shiny quarter back in mom's day 
Shootin the rock is serious business but not so serious that Bax can't pause to mug for the camera.

The kids get better every week. But they are still challenged on how to work the ball inside. The referee also serves as a surrogate coach. Note that the ref is sporting some shorts in this unseasonably warm weather.


Halftime peptalk 
All are willing to step up.

Bax sits with friend Evan as he gets mentally prepared for his game.

June 19, 2012

May 10, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Cruising in Poppy's car

Rainy sleeping weather!
Lake Oconee with good friends

The Satilla River
"I see you!"

We planted herb gardens at our Garden Club!

Junior deputies in Henry County

Jekyll Island playground and lunch at Dairy Queen with some sweet friends.

April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Warning! Picture overload! I wanted to document Easter and this post is all over the place but that's kind of how my brain is operating these days. It seems the stomach bug has thrown us all off for a very long time.
Easter was absolutely beautiful this year. I love this time of year. The sun is warm on your face but the air is cool. There is the annoyance of coolness that I don't care for. I'd still like it about 97 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Ultimate weather. It was a perfect day to celebrate Our Risen Savior with wonderful friends, my mom and these three precious children God has entrusted me with.
Never have I seen a child of mine so excited about candy and not eat a ton. He just likes to use them as props in his imaginary play. What a creative little gem.
Nana came Thursday before Easter and was able to go to school with Baxter on Friday to celebrate him becoming Sight Word King!!! We, I mean, he has worked extremely hard on his sight words. We, I mean he, knows all 220 now. I'm already thinking that WE have 220 to go and all three kids will know them!
Getting ready to run in the clap out!
We all looked a little jaundiced after Ben got finished dyeing eggs. Of course his favorite color is yellow so it pretty much stained anything that got in his path.
A couple of before shots at church of their Easter outfits. I'm not sure what part of the universe did not line up for us to get some family shots but there were none of us together as a family. I think Lills was the missing link and we were not able to function without her!
This was his school egg hunt! It made him very happy that they were out in plain sight and there was very little effort in finding them.
This is a frequent vision down our street right now. While we were in the hospital Nana taught Baxter to ride his bike. Scott immediately commented that's what Nana does best! Bax is so proud of himself. Now he strips down to his bathing suit and his boots and takes off!
Lillee and I made these super easy bird nests. Chinese Chow Mein Noodles with melted butterscotch on them and Cadbury eggs on top. They were the perfect combination of salty and sweet.
Our church egg hunt. The kids were elated that there was so much candy. When will they be getting into their summer fruits and vegetables? Maybe I should consider hiding grape tomatoes in eggs this summer!
Easter Bunny loot.
Nana left after lunch on Easter so while Scott napped, Baxter played the Wii and Ben ate more chocolate bunny I packed us up and we joined our extended Griffin family. Our dear friends had an Easter gathering and what better way to celebrate than a pool party! The hot tub warmed the pool some but the kids didn't mind. Lillee and Katelin made it back from the lake just in time to jump in.
Even our favorite 16 year old came to help out and relax a little.
We are thankful to have "Sissy" back and beautiful spring weather. I think Baxter missed her!